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Religious spaces and facilities including churches, mosques and temples, done according to our clients' instructions and with great respect.

Sri Sengapa Vinayagar

Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple is a Hindu temple located at Ceylon Road in Singapore.

Masjid Khadijah

Masjid Khadijah, located in the central part of Singapore, has a current capacity of around 500 people.

MaSjid Tasek Utara 

Built in 1907, it is the smallest Masjid in Singapore.

MaSjid Hussain Sulaman 

This Masjid started as Village Surau built back in 1902. The renovation aimed to preserve as much of its original architecture as possible.

MaSjid Jamek Queenstown 

Much of what was built in 1965 is retained today in this 55-year-old Masjid. Located in the central part of Singapore, this Masjid was built in 1965 and serves office workers around the area, with a capacity of up to 400 people.

Bedok Church of Christ 

As a local church, Bedok Church of Christ has existed since October 1980.

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