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by the bay international design competition

14   /   11   /   2014

The primary organizing element connecting the major spaces in the new Annex building to each other and to the existing GBHQ is the ‘Living’ Spine, an open-aired space with natural lighting during the day and natural induced ventilation throughout the day.


The main connection between the Annex building to the GBHQ building, via the central Green Corridor/Pedestrian Foot Bridge, is located on the 2nd storey. The 1st storey serves as a more private workspace as well as the feeder zone of cooler air. Voids are interspersed along the 2nd storey level to form a visual connection to the 1st storey space below as well as to serve as ventilation corridors.

In addition to the modular open-jointed thermal-insulated panels above, the Annex building is in itself planned based on a modular set of dimensions and parameters aimed to minimize wastage and disruptions while maximizing efficiency of material use and time. It consists of two rows of modular blocks separated by ventilation spaces connected to the Spine.

The spaces along the Spine at ground level will also be partially landscaped to cool the air supply as it is drawn in and up through void openings at the 2nd storey level by the thermal skin layer above.


These landscaped spaces are also intended for the integration of landscaping into the work environment. A section of the Dog-run, located at the ground level, is proposed to be integrated with open-aired work spaces along the spine to allow for dogs to be with their owners while they work in a natural landscaped setting. 

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