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red cross house

11   /   06   /   2023

Red Cross House, a place synonymous with the organization's presence, is a building special to the organization's development over the past 50 years. The new extension is the next phase of the development timeline. rather than seeing the new annexe block as an addition, this proposal sees it as a continuation of the existing block. 

The form of the original block is reused as a basic module for the extension, and sensitively repeated/shaped to accommodate the new requirements. This approach is extremely restrained as it does not introduce new language so that the new and old blocks remains coherent. By breaking up the new extension into a series of 3 storey blocks as per the original massing, it allows them to be read as a continuation of the building form completed some 55 years earlier, The new blocks get an updated skin of the windows to bring in more natural light into the interiors. 

A succession of sliding of the blocks further breaks down the mass to create a series of roof gardens and sky terraces.

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